Rull Shimano Twin Power XD 4000 FA PG 4.4:1 10+1bb

Tootekood: TPXD4000PGFA
EAN: 4969363090003
Kaubamärk: Shimano
Ühik: tk
Laoseis kaupluses: 1
Hind: 514,95 €
405,95 €
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The Twin Power XD is the strongest, most durable reel in the Magnumlite series. Designed for effortless casting and retrieving in the toughest inshore saltwater environments, it is also perfect for heavier freshwater fishing where additional power is required.
If you are a serious saltwater lure angler, or prefer to fish with heavier lures in freshwater, the Twin Power XD will certainly match your ability and expectations. Remarkably lightweight, but exceptionally tough and powerful, this is the reel to help you overcome all challenges. It will fire your imagination and push the limits of what you believed possible.
The enviable combination of reduced weight, sensitivity and power is sublime. Twin Power XD lets you fish your lures without compromise, imparting the most subtle of actions, yet instantly take control when a fish strikes and requires bullying away from underwater structure or rocks.
Featuring the very latest technology, including a tough, ultra lightweight aluminium HAGANE body and a balanced MGL Rotor, the Twin Power XD gives you great sensitivity. However, the combination of HAGANE Gear, X-SHIP, Micromodule II and Silent Drive produces relentless fish-playing power, enabling you to control hard fighting fish in tight situations. It really is the best of both worlds.
And when it comes to reaching fish feeding at distance you’ll appreciate the Long Stroke Spool, Aero Wrap and AR-C Spool combination that offers excellent casting performance and line management. The addition of X-Protect, for internal protection from saltwater, further enhances the design inspiration and ensures your Twin Power XD will never let you down when you need it most.
Kaal 245g
Laagrite arv 10+1bb
Mahutavus 0.30mm/180m
Seeria Twin Power XD
Siduri tugevus 11kg
Ühe käepöördega 72cm
Ülekanne 4.4:1
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