Multirull Shimano Curado 201 M 6.2:1 6+1bb (vasak käsi)

Tootekood: CU201M
EAN: 022255279178
Kaubamärk: Shimano
Ühik: tk
Laoseis kaupluses: 1
Hind: 219,95 €
179,95 €
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As tough as a tank, with the performance of a sports car, the well-priced Curado M 200/201 is a brilliant mid-sized baitcasting reel for small to mid-sized predators. Offering standard, high speed and extra high speed retrieve options, there is a Curado M to suit all preferences.
There are many variations of the Curado family and the Curado-200/201 size is the most wide-ranging, covering a broad spectrum of fishing styles, techniques and lure sizes. Packed with some of Shimano’s top gear technology, and designed with a low-profile that sits snugly to the rod, you will instantly feel at home with a Curado 200/201. They cast extremely well, feel solid and smooth, and fight like a demon when the pressure is on.
All Curado 200/201 models have a tough aluminium HAGANE Body with a lightweight CI4+ side plate and are finished in a satin black colour. But do not be fooled by the understated appearance, which looks great on any baitcasting rod - especially the Curado family, inside is a drive train to match the toughest challenge. All models have X-SHIP technology and Micromodule Gear, plus SILENT TUNE to enhance the silky-smooth rotation. The inclusion of the latest POWERHOOKING Drag tells you all you need to know about the characteristics of this beautifully engineered model. When it comes to casting, the vibration-reducing MGL III spool is controlled by SVS Infinity breaking, which is simple to adjust and easy to use. Available in various model configurations to suit almost every retrieve speed preference. 
Kaal 210g
Laagrite arv 6+1bb
Ühe käepöördega 68cm
Ülekanne 6.2:1
Sidur Multirull
Sarnased tooted
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