Tamiil Tsubame Pike 0.16mm 4.4kg 150m

Tamiil Tsubame Pike 0.16mm 4.4kg 150m

Tootekood: ZTP-016
EAN: 5900637505761
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4,50 €
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Tsubame is a range of specialist, new generation, “programmed” polyamide fishing lines, designed especially for coarse and spinning fishing techniques. We maintain full control over the polymerization process which results in the production of a material with the specifically expected features. The base material is refined polyamide straight-chain polymer. The uniform and even distribution of the elasticity factor along the entire length of the line provides hauling strong and large fish safe even with the use of very small diameters.

The key characteristics of Tsubame lines:
• amazing dynamic line durability and dynamic durability with a wet knot • strengthened resistance to abrasion with very low surface friction factor • UV resistant
• no memory
• low visibility in the water
• perfectly uniform diameter
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