Nöör Power Pro Super 8 Silck V2 Moon Shine 0.32mm 24kg 135m

Nöör Power Pro Super 8 Silck V2 Moon Shine 0.32mm 24kg 135m

Tootekood: PPBISV213532MS
EAN: 712649221561
Kaubamärk: Power Pro
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PowerPro Super 8 Slick
Super 8 Slick is a super soft 8 carrier braided line. The combination of the 8 carrier diamond braid construction with PowerPro Enhanced Body Technology resulted in a braided line which is ultra round, smooth as silk and slick as a mono line.
PowerPro Enhanced Body Technology compacts the line to avoid wind knots and digging into the spool. These advantages for the fisherman result in a line which is more quiet in casting, has increased casting distance and super smooth handling.
PowerPro Exclusive EBT (Enhanced Body Technology)
Applies special coating closing the gap between yarns which makes the line ultra smooth and avoids windknots and line digging into the spool!
Accurate and silent long-distance casting
Excellent strength/diameter ratio enables you to fish even more sensitive
Ultra round due to 8 yarn diamond braid construction
Soft, slick and silent
The perfect partner for your reels
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