Multirull WFT Penn Commander Pro 30 LW 4.2:1 (parem käsi)

Tootekood: 1D-A 157-030
EAN: 4250336100547
Kaubamärk: WFT
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We build the PENN COMMANDER PRO by WFT especially for deep-sea fishing in Norway and the use of high-strength braided lines.
The extra strong gear made of brass and V2A stainless steel is beyond any debate. This includes all gears, the backstop, the ball bearing and the spool axis. We are thus offering a level of quality in the entry-level price range that has probably never existed before. This gearbox lasts about five times longer than conventional gearboxes. All suspension points of the gear within the reel are decisively reinforced in order to hang the gear in the one-piece composite frame of the reel without torsion. The stainless steel ball bearing is sealed on both sides.
The power crank makes it much easier to retrieve from great water depths. The crank arm can be adjusted in three different ways to influence the effort required.
All Commander Pro are equipped with the LWS system developed by WFT. With the Commander Pro LWS, the line guide that can be switched off enables the exact location of the original winding contour. An old problem of all reels with line guide is hereby finally eliminated.

One-piece composite frame with
Hardened steel reinforcement rings
Gear made of brass and stainless steel
Stainless steel ball bearing sealed on both sides
Automatic line guide on all models
Strong star braking system
3-way adjustable power crank
Oversized pinion made of V2A stainless steel
Lumbar spine system
Kaal 730g
Laagrite arv 1bb
Mahutavus 0.50mm/330m
Ühe käepöördega 75cm
Ülekanne 4.2:1
Sidur Multirull
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Tootekood: 1D-A 186-100 ,   EAN: 4250336185032 ,   Laoseis kaupluses: 1
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