Akara Experience BTR 4000 5+1bb 5.2:1

Tootekood: AEBTR4000-6
EAN: 2800103514019
Kaubamärk: Akara
Ühik: tk
Laoseis kaupluses: 1
47,95 €
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Akara Experience BTR is a series of inertialess coils with a byte-runner system. The coil housing, its rotor, are made of impact-resistant composite polymer. The design of the coil has five bearings ensuring a smooth ride. The byte-runner mechanism allows you to instantly regain control of the fish. The reinforced line of the stacker’s fishing line with a taper guide and an enlarged bearing roller prevents the fishing line from twisting at the moment the bait is cast, and will allow you to perfectly lay the fishing line when winding onto the spool. Coils of this series are intended for lovers of bottom fishing methods, feeder and carp fishing, as well as for lovers of fishing for live bait.
Kaal 370g
Laagrite arv 5+1bb
Mahutavus 0.30mm/110m
Siduri tugevus 6.5kg
Ülekanne 5.2:1
Sidur Tagasiduriga
Sarnased tooted
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