Spinning Shimano Yasei Dropshot Spin EX-FAST 2.4m 7-21g

Tootekood: YASAXDS24M
EAN: 8717009858779
Kaubamärk: Shimano
Ühik: tk
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Hind: 189,95 €
170,95 €
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The mid-priced Yasei Dropshot rods have brilliant extra fast actions, specifically designed to maximise your dropshot fishing efficiency. Beautifully balanced and featuring some of the most sensitive tips available to maximise bite detection, the lower part of the rods has the backbone required to strike with rapier-like speed at the slightest touch.$ Shimano has a long history making high quality dropshot rods and the Yasei Dropshot is no exception. From the ultra sensitive tip that can detect the most gentle of pulls and underwater features, through to the powerful butt that enhances striking speed, every detail has been meticulously developed to give you optimum performance. Available in two lengths, the 2.10m Medium Light version has a casting weight of 5-18g, suitable for close range work and around bridges or obstacles, whilst the longer 2.40m Medium version has a casting weight of 7-21g and is more suited to fishing further out into open water or where there is more current. Both models will balance a 2000 or 2500 sized reel perfectly, and give you a combination that any street fishing expert would be proud to use.$ The superb sensitivity of the Yasei Dropshot comes from the solid TAFTEC tip, which is an exclusive Shimano technology. This enables finer, more sensitive tips to be used, whilst still retaining the required strength to cope with hard fighting fish. The main body of the rod is made from High Modulus Full Carbon blank, built using Hi-Power X technology and Nano Alloy. This reduces blank twist when casting, producing more accuracy when fishing tight to features and better control when fighting larger predators.$ To further increase sensitivity and overall performance, the rods are fitted with the latest design Fuji Alconite K-type guides which are lightweight and suitable for the fine diameter braids used for perch.$ In keeping with the high quality design, a Fuji reel seat is fitted onto the custom-design split grip EVA handle giving this range a modern, eye-catching appearance that matches their brilliant fishing performance.
Rod Action
XF - Extra Fast
Rod Length - meter
2.40 m
Guide Ceramic
No of Guides
Guide Brand
Rod Feature
Hi-Power X
Casting Weight EU
7-21 g
Commerical Blank Material Name
High Modulus Full Carbon + HI-Power X
Rod Packing Material
Velvet Bag
Rear Grip Material
Front Grip Material
No of Sections
Guide Frame Material
Stainless Steel
Reel Seat
Middle grip Material
Water Type
Kaal 132
Pikkus 240
Pikkus transpordiasendis 125
Rõngaste arv 10
Seeria Yasei
Sektsioonide arv 2
Test 7-21g
Käepide EVA
Tüüp 2-osaline
Materjal Süsinik
Sarnased tooted
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Tootekood: SCATFX710ME ,   EAN: 8717009860321 ,   Laoseis kaupluses: Kauplusest otsas, juhul kui saab lisada ostukorvi tellitakse pealaost ,   Kaal: 149 ,   Kaal: ,   Käepide: Eva/Kork ,   Hingavus:
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